Mail Delivery

Jett Post Services

The Jordan Express Tourist Transportation Company-Jett continuously develops and upgrades its services to maintain the service level, and the confidence it has earned over decades from serving quality transportation services.

These services include, but not limited to, carrying parcels, letters and postal packages on the transportation lines operating between Aqaba and Amman; including all its branches (Abdali - Tabarbour - Seventh Circle - Al Wehdat) and between Irbid and Aqaba and between Zarqa and Aqaba.

Jett services are characterized by its variety of schedules and timetables offered to its clients to meet the convenience of the sender and the consignee. Jett offers more than 75 daily flights of which the mail is transported through, next to its operating lines. Last but not least, Jett’s services are also defined by its accuracy, security, privacy and compliance with delivery schedules.

The company has developed a system of postal subscriptions for companies and institutions at competitive prices. This system allows subscribers to send a bag twice a month for sixty dinars.