Jordan Express Tourist Transport (JETT) is one of the best Transportation Companies in Jordan for its distinguishable and brand services since 1964.


When you think about Jett, it came to mind a trip to Aqaba or Petra.


JETT's management keeps pace with the development of projects throughout the year with its qualified, knowledgeable and experienced staff that is ready to meet customer needs around the clock.


In 2015, Jett started selling and transporting diesel to hotels, embassies, and factories and recently to the public by its modern fleet that can meets our customers' requirements to highest standards. Actually, Jett has begun to invest in fuel business since 1995, by having a main station at Zarqa highway.


This station was followed with more stations such as South Shouneh, Irbid, and the upcoming big project that will be implemented at the rest area of Husaineyah, including a hotel, restaurant, and some other services.


This relatively new investment of JETT has captured a great share of the local market. The project moves positively faster beyond expectations, with high and significant growth rates.


We look to expand and enlarge our gas and fuel services in the nearest future.


Proudly, our services provided are comparable to those of the mother company.


We constantly seek to have the largest market share in gas stations.

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