About Us

The Jordan Express Tourist Transportation Company is a high standard safe, secure and punctual public transportation and tourism bus service system established in 1964.
The company emerged as a long search for a corporate transport entity that is willing to provide first-class service. JETT is aiming to provide a variety of different services to be integrated in different fields of the transportation and tourism sector in order to maintain a strong position in Jordan. These years have been characterized by new innovations and inventions, marking JETT as the most outstanding in land transport in Jordan.

The arrival of JETT into the Jordanian market has brought in a revolution within the transport and tourism sector in Jordan. The frame of mind from the start introduced commitment to the industry, by contributing to the transportation market and introducing the latest means of operations in road passenger transportation. JETT is willing to conquer ever known barrier to provide highly convenient services for passengers seeking easy access to local and international destinations. JETT has been able to withstand the competition through state of the art operations. Introducing innovation, quality service backed by marketing and advertising strategies JETT has been the leader in tourism transport in Jordan. In addition, measures of departure and arrival time, quality service, friendly environment are of high importance.


Our Mission & Vision


Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest level of transportation solutions by offering customers with a safe, punctual and credible journey.

Our vision is to provide a safe, reliable and affordable transportation service for passengers in a local and international network and to continually upgrade its fleet and services to meet the market needs.



•    Aiming for the market leadership and providing pioneer services
•    Blending our various interests to reach our goal by benefiting our company and the industry
•    Achieving our targets and the market share
•    Placing the safety of our customers paramount to all other concerns and granting customer satisfaction
•    A work environment which supports employment equity and offering an opportunity for advancement for all employees to achieve employee      satisfaction
•    Assist the industry to solve traffic and environmental problems